About the Riley Archive Project

It is the intention of this group that a specific location will be identified to house securely all contributed historical records,information and artifacts relating to the Riley car and to those associated personalities that make up the Riley story.

The Riley family established a motoring 'marque' that proudly carried the name for 70 years, and to the present day cars carrying the blue diamond to continue to give great pleasure to their enthusiast owners.

The establishment and development of this archive will create a focal point for research and education relevant to the British Motor Industry past,and present, allowing community and international involvement.

This is a project to collect and make accesible the data and archives of all things Riley Motor Car to enable the survival of historic cars from Coventry & Abingdon. This is a growing project to download the pdf information sheet as one of four sections to be kinder to some formats  ( and my scanner is sulking ) click here:- cover ; text1; text 2; text 3;  . To support or offer items either in electronic or physical format  please contact via the clubs or directly

Registering Support.

There is a long road to travel between 'idea' and 'reality'. Should you support the objectives of the Riley Archive Project at this initial stage, the project group would like to hear from you.

Initial contact:- David Smith ( secreatry to the RAP)

Nethergate Cottage, Hall Lame Colkirk,Fakenham, Norfolk, NR21 7ND email click here

                      :- Adrian Smith (Chairman for RAP)

Oakdene,152 Colleys lane, Willaston, Nantwich, Cheshire. CW5 6NU email click here

both pics from Coventry Telegraph Archives who sell copies of these and many more