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Bibliography of Riley Books..

 The Riley Register has a full and comprehensive library for members see via this link for the pdf including most of the workshop manuals etc so if restoring a pre 1940  Riley start here . The Riley Motor Club  also have libraries but listed only for members ie join first to get access

The Riley Motor Club of New Zealand have many of there library books as pdf click here

The Riley RM club has a technical library within the online forum for members only ie join to download click here if a member you need membership number etc to sign up

Riley Maintenance Manual, 1930-1956. Compiled by S.V. Haddleton. Author: Sidney Victor HADDLETON Published London by G.T. Foulis & Co., 1956. The best greasy rag book written in normal English. Invest in a plastic cover as when under the car end up looking worse than any old cookery recipe book. Haddleton was the editor of the Riley Record so actually knew the cars and had access to original paperwork. Warning the modern reprints/ print on demand or Haynes version are on paper that shows every mark with a ring binder plus often overpriced. . . buy the original if you can. . . will seek a pdf

'The Production & Competition History' by A.T,BIRMINGHAM, pre 1939 cars well illustrated throughout with historical photographs. 272 pages the bible  for Coventry cars beware reprinted with differing covers but the same book

'As Old as the Industry: Riley, 1898-1969'  by  David G.Styles. The history of the Riley motorcar from 1898 to 1969. Very well illustrated 496 pages written by someone who knows everything forwards and backwards. Brilliant book but too hefty for bedtime reading or the cat/dog gets concussion

' Sporting Rileys The Forgotten Champions' by David G.Styles 1988  well illustrated 288 pages written by someone who knows everything forwards and backward

Riley Sports Cars, 1926-38 (Classic Car Series, No 13)1 Jul 1986 by Graham Robson well illustrated 256 pages informative

'Riley Cars'. A Practical Guide to Maintenance and Repair . . . appears by Robson and later by Drake , An excellent little book of details such as air pressure. Superb book on mainly pre wars to read and understand ie not too technical also cheap

'RILEY THE LEGENDARY RM'S ' by JOHN WILLIAMS .  Readable actually checked facts includes 8 page colour section & 172 black & white photographsJohn Price Williams is a journalist who has been on the staff of national newspapers and the BBC. He has written several books on classic cars and contributes to motoring magazines. He is a member of the Guild of Motoring Writers.** Out of print watch out for online sharks at high prices normally under £20**

'RILEY RM-SERIES 1½ LITRE, 2½ LITRE AND PATHFINDER'  by JAMES TAYLOR  1990 a good effort but best read as both together as this has numerous holes due to lack of double checking but is well illustrated 192 pages

Riley Cars 1945 - 1950. Brooklands Books. 66 pages, original paper covers,cheap photocopies of articles will irritate long term owners but okay starter book and always cheap. There are other Brooklands series now with smart colour covers but the same limited quality photocopies inside.

THE CARS OF BMC by Robson - Austin Morris MG Riley Wolseley Vanden Plas

The Riley 12/4 Production Cars, 1934-1940 Volume 1 of Riley register series by Vernon E. Barker (Falcon, Kestrel, Lynx, Merlin, Touring Saloon (Continental), Touring Saloon (Briggs body), Victor, Nuffield Saloon and Nuffield Drop Head Touring Saloon) Published by the  Riley Register, 1993

The Riley 16/4 Production Cars Big Four & 16hp, 1937-1940 Volume 2 of Riley Register series by Vernon E. Barker / Riley Register ( Adelphi, Kestrel, Close Coupled Saloon (Continental), 4 Seater Tourer (Lynx), Maltby Redfern Saloon, 16hp. Saloon and 16hp. Drophead Touring Saloon.) Published by  Riley Register, 1999 

 Riley 12/4 by Vernon Barker. History of development & production 1932 to 1945.Volume 3: Published by  Riley Register,

The Riley Imp: histories and profiles Volume 4 of Riley register series by John Gathercole Publisher Wisteria Cottage Pub., 2008

The Riley M.P.H.: A History of Its Development and Production 1932-1935 Riley Register Series Volume 5 by Robin Cameron Publisher R. Cameron, 2010

Riley, A Centennial Celebration by David Styles. A short history of Rileys. (Illustrated) Published by  Riley Register,

Beyond the Blue Diamond by David Styles. Riley family history, including early bikes & cars. Published by  Riley Register,

Pre War Rileys Compilation of Press Cuttings and reviews.Published by  Riley Register,

Clubs for this model:  The Riley Register,     The Riley Motor Club,     Riley Pre war Specials   &  those from other countries listed here

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