Riley Archives News

January 2019: Offers from Coventry council now need funding, spreadsheets and an official 'bean counter'. Plus another Archives funding lunch in Coventry is pencilled in for  Friday June 28th  at the Guildhall, Coventry open to all clubs and interested parties. (Memo  to attendees park and ride is less stressful as many city centre car parks are 'Mini' sized and larger cars do not fit the barriers)

2018; Many many discussions with Coventry council who are very intereteted and backing the ideas of the Archives as an asset to Coventry's historic past linking the weaving industry, cyles and early motoring

March 2018: The project started with an inaugural dinner in Coventry to raise funds (about £1000) and to check the feasibility of the project. The website was flung together hurriedly to exist as something'concrete' happening and will be a permanently updating feature as more is dicovered and later information re archives contents is added .