Riley Sources

. . . . .any that can be recommended  or have been forgotten please email the website slave click here

Ist stop a second then  join one of the clubs for both spares, information and much cheaper known cars for sale click here for the complete list

Carbs refettling, spares, rebuilds, petrol pumps etc ie vintage and classic vehicle fuel systems Burlen Services,  Location Castle Road, Salisbury SP1 3SA + online . Excellent and helpful when bad supermarket fuel kills items and I needed internal filters !

Small Electrical parts, replacement lamps and all things weird and electrical Dynamo + Regulator conversions online business

Brooklands Engine Craft. Steve has 40 years of vintage engine experience. Specialising in Pre-War Riley engines & gearboxes, we manufacture some specialist parts for these iconic motor Cars. (also a source for standard manifolds when removed for racing replacements as mine went porous). Location Chippenham Wiltshire just off the M4

Formhalls Vintage and Racing  white metal bearings and rebuilds in Downton nr Salisbury does work on huge early racing engines too so copes with anything

Saunders Motorworks vintage engines, cylinder blocks, cylinder head reconditioning  also offer a crankshaft grinding service. Checks all engines stripped, decoked and inspected before any work is carried out and can re manufacture parts. He has an RM himself, knows cars but is very slow and meticulous so do not leave until last. Location Romsey, Hants between New Forest and Southampton

Pipers Trimmers Car L.A & R.W.Piper Seat refurbs, new leather etc or conservation work, carpets, internal trim etc based at present in Sparkford Somerset just off the A303. Can also take in the complete car for a refurb, does a number of RR, Astons etc . Does not look horrified when you bring in a rusty frame with eau de rodent and can match old leather check

 Wiring  Harness / Wiring Looms Autosparks, Location Nottingham/online  who will also manufacture one for a rare car if given the original and then add their pattern for the future buyers. They stock all RM and postwar cars electrics. Plus the following 1937 Riley Twelve (12/4) Adelphi with Single Horn & No Fog Lamp, 1938-39 Riley Twelve (12/4) Adelphi & Kestrel with Twin Horns & Master Switch. Light Switch at Bottom of Steering Column, 1936-8  Riley Twelve (12/4) Falcon, 1936-8 Riley Twelve (12/4) Falcon with Twin Horns & Master Switch. Light Switch at Bottom of Steering Column. No Oil Gauge , 1936-7 Riley 1.5 Litre & 15/6 with RJF Regulator & FuseBox. Light Switch at Bottom of Steering Column , 1938  Riley 16 HP Big Four with Light Switch on Dash Panel , Master Switch and Pass Lamp , 1939  Riley Twelve (12/4) Saloon and Drophead Coupe with Twin Horns. Voltage Regulator on R/H Side, 1937 Riley Nine & 1.5 Litre with Solenoid and Master Switch, Riley Nine with Solenoid & Fuse for Trafficators , 1935 Riley Nine with Solenoid & Master Switch (To '36 Diagram),