Riley Sources

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Ist stop a second then  join one of the clubs for both spares, information and much cheaper known cars for sale.As the clubs sell brake parts and other such items these can ONLY be sold to members due to product liability laws:-

 For Pre war cars :-  Riley Register Spares Limited  click here. To purchase parts from us, you need to be a member of our parent car club: THE RILEY REGISTER.
Membership is available from the club site at: For the catalogue reprints

For RM Rileys including the Pathfinder :- The spares service for the Riley RM Club  In the early days of the Riley RM Club, all efforts were made to purchase relevant parts while they were still available. When some became unavailable, money was provided by the Club to begin to have parts re-made, with all resultant profits from sales being channelled back through the spares operation to have more parts made. This has enabled both the Club and the RM Centre to grow to the position we are in today with almost 1,600 items on the shelves.

For all Rileys :- The Riley Motor Club  provides a comprehensive spares supply service to its members and has worldwide product liability insurance cover.  Much better on the modern spares Elf, 1.5 etc not catered for elsewhere

 Wiring  Harness / Wiring Looms are currently commercially available online for all RM and postwar cars electrics. Plus the following 1937 Riley Twelve (12/4) Adelphi with Single Horn & No Fog Lamp, 1938-39 Riley Twelve (12/4) Adelphi & Kestrel with Twin Horns & Master Switch. Light Switch at Bottom of Steering Column, 1936-8  Riley Twelve (12/4) Falcon, 1936-8 Riley Twelve (12/4) Falcon with Twin Horns & Master Switch. Light Switch at Bottom of Steering Column. No Oil Gauge , 1936-7 Riley 1.5 Litre & 15/6 with RJF Regulator & FuseBox. Light Switch at Bottom of Steering Column , 1938  Riley 16 HP Big Four with Light Switch on Dash Panel , Master Switch and Pass Lamp , 1939  Riley Twelve (12/4) Saloon and Drophead Coupe with Twin Horns. Voltage Regulator on R/H Side, 1937 Riley Nine & 1.5 Litre with Solenoid and Master Switch, Riley Nine with Solenoid & Fuse for Trafficators , 1935 Riley Nine with Solenoid & Master Switch (To '36 Diagram),