Our Aim:- "A permanent establishment for the preservation and projection of the Riley heritage in Coventry from weaving to motor cars and for all successor Riley products in the wider world, and to be a centre for education and research for all who have an interest in the place of Riley within the history of UK manufacturing."

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This will be  an ongoing project to collect and make accessible the data and archives of all things Riley Motor Car to enable the survival of historic cars from Coventry & Abingdon with access and information on Rileys  worldwide. To support or offer items either in electronic or physical format please contact via the clubs or directly through the below webmaster link. For electronic items for our sister site RileyMotors.co.uk that covers the history of Riley from  humble Coventry beginnings through to the end of the marque  in the 1960's click here. To select either via image or model click here for links within this site. The search bar on this page also searches the sister site